Monica Johnson

About Monica


monica johnson image creator of rest awake

Monica started her career as a ballet dancer and took her talents to Europe where she lived for many years working in the performing arts. Her love of people and her interest in personal growth and dance then led her to study dance movement therapy in London, England. Since returning to the U.S., her focus has been assisting others on their personal journeys as a spiritual counselor and yoga teacher. Since 1999, Monica has been teaching personal development classes, hosting women’s groups, facilitating workshops, and teaching many types of yoga and meditation practices. She is the creator of the Rest Awake Meditation™ and Rest Awake Yoga™, a meditation and yoga practice that are so gentle and simple that everyone can do them. Her greatest passion is guiding people to empower themselves, and she does this by supporting them with loving acceptance.

What I Believe.

All of our answers are within. After 20 years of working with people as a licensed counselor, yoga instructor, meditation coach, and yoga therapist, I have come to believe that the keys to peace and healing are present inside of us. Seeking things on the outside such as fame and fortune usually leaves us tired and disappointed. I believe that when we slow down and become aware of what’s happening within ourselves, an acceptance, calm and sense of well-being will grow and expand until our experience in the world feels more grounded, less reactive and more enjoyable. It can be challenging to find time in our busy lives to stop and listen. I will offer you the space and caring support to experience being guided into your own sense of awareness and peace. Using a whole-body approach, I guide you into calming your nervous system, becoming present to your own wisdom, helping you to discover what you really want in your life and then assisting you in moving towards those goals.

…to be deeply happy.
The question is, how do we allow ourselves to be supported along our journey.