Monica Johnson McBennett

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?


* Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) joins meditation, assisted movement and dialogue. It is from this connection of all three that change is born.

* PRYT can release memories and emotions that are stuck in your body and give you tools to make new healthy choices.

* PRYT is an effective compliment to other types of therapy and healing modalities that you already participate in.

* PRYT facilitates your personal growth and the letting go of your past and creates a sense of calm in both mind and body. Your body is an invaluable ally on your path towards understanding and healing.

* You do not need to be physically flexible, strong or have any previous yoga experience in order to benefit from a PRYT session. If you can breathe, then you can do it.

“Psychotherapy Goes from the Floor to the Couch to Yoga Mat” – TIME Magazine