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I am grateful to have found this method of therapy which allows me to recapture and resolve issues in my life that have been blocking my personal growth. Monica is a gentle practitioner that helps guide the process as well as bring true resolution to many “mind traps” I have personally designed over the years and I am willing to leave those behind. Is traditional talking therapy not quite enough? What does your body have to tell you? This is the place to find out.


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I feel that Monica’s method of yoga therapy is both relaxing and caring. She tuned in to the movement of my body, asking pertinent questions and listening carefully to my answers. I felt safe and able to be open to her work, feeling lighter and clearer after the session.


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Monica has extensive experience as a yoga instructor and her gifted abilities as a counselor make a powerful combination. When she combines the two, the results are definitely synergistic, creating insights that either one alone would not appear. As she gently moved my body into various positions, I felt completely comfortable and supported mentally, physically and spiritually. She intuitively knew what to ask at precisely the right moment to help bring clarity to my thoughts and emotions with dramatic results. I leave each session with greater insight and a wonderful sense of tranquility.  A lovely way to enhance the body, mind and soul all at once.  I highly recommend this remarkably gifted woman.